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Moribund journal
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Hmmmm, haven't written much in here recently. Not even last week's Doctor Who anniversary was sufficient motivation.

If anyone is still reading this, you might want to glance at my Twitter feed instead. I don't write much in that either, but short writings of 140 characters or fewer do require far less effort...

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I still read it. ^_^ But yeah, these livejournals are gradually fading out I guess… the only people I had on mine were from P-chat (wow, that's going back over more than 12 years, I think! We've done well to still be in touch!)… never added anyone else so through attrition, all that's left is you and Mary sometimes.

Anyway, will check out your Twitter, though I've never used Twitter myself. I'm mostly on Facebook and occasionally my blog

I'm still around! (Sometimes!)

I will need to add your blog and the ESL blog to my favorites - I miss your stories from class. :)

I'm finding that to be a bit of truth myself... 140 characters is a bit of an easier fit for small thoughts! Livejournal just has so much... space...

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