Stephen Williams (stephenw32768) wrote,
Stephen Williams

NetBSD update

Since my last post, I have:
  • got the nameserver running;
  • replaced the standard cron daemon with fcron, which is a more suitable cron for computers whch don't run 24/7;
  • installed chrony (with config mostly cloned from my Debian installation) to keep the clock correct;
  • installed a few other random bits and pieces;
  • recompiled the kernel more times than I care to remember.
Next, I should probably get the mail subsystem working nicely (probably not much to do; it seems to be working already), and install Privoxy.

My CompactFlash card reader didn't work under NetBSD. It crashed the kernel. I found a relevant bug report in the NetBSD bug database, and was able to patch the kernel to work around the problem. My CF reader now appears to be working perfectly.

A while ago, I posted about a small alteration I made to a program in the Debian package collection, and which was subsequently accepted for inclusion in Debian. Ive' noticed the same alteration in the latest NetBSD version, too. I wonder if my change has been included in NetBSD (and presumably the other BSDs too), or whether someone else independently added the same feature? The code looks like mine, but that's not very conclusive, as it was only a few lines.
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