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You don't have to keep reading this if you're bored with hearing about backache
penrose orange
I went to a walk-in clinic in the town centre for advice about my back pain.

The nurse practitioner gave me a leaflet and advised me to keep taking ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory effects. She offered to prescribe a stronger anti-inflammatory, but warned that it would probably make me feel very nauseous. I declined; I'll stick with the ibuprofen for now. She also urged me to make an appointment with my doctor if the pain hasn't cleared up after another week or so, as I may require physiotherapy. Her approach to treatment seemed rather different to my GP's; she didn't look at all happy when I told her that my doctor had offered to prescribe valium as an anti-spasmodic. She did suggest codeine as a painkiller, assuring me that the low doses available from pharmacies aren't strong enough to cause addiction. I'd still rather avoid it if possible.

In related, good news, I got nearly eight hours' sleep last night. I did wake once during the night, but the pain wasn't severe enough to keep me awake. That's definitely an improvement. I wonder if it'll last.