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Bothering politicians
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This evening, I emailed the candidates for my ward in the forthcoming local election. Here's the text of the email:

I am a resident of Redlands ward and am as yet undecided about how to cast my vote on May 22nd. To help me decide, I would like to ask about your policy regarding the kerbside recycling scheme in Reading. It's something that is used by everyone in the town, and I think that it could be improved.


1/ It is my understanding that bottles are the only plastic items that are currently accepted. Bottle caps, yogurt pots, margarine tubs etc. are not accepted, despite often being recyclable. If this has changed recently and these items are in fact accepted then the council has not adequately communicated the change. But if this restriction is indeed still in force, perhaps it is time for the council to review it in order to reduce the amount of waste needlessly sent to landfill.

2/ There is no kerbside provision for recycling of Tetra Paks. I am aware that they can be taken to the Rivermead facility; however, because I do not own a car, this is not practical for me. Until and unless the provision for recycling of Tetra Paks is improved somehow, mine will continue to end up in landfill. If it is not possible to collect Tetra Paks at the kerbside, perhaps the council might consider collection points for them alongside the existing bottle banks.

My questions to you as a candidate for election to the Council are:

1/ Do you agree with me that the recycling scheme in Reading is in need of improvement?

2/ If elected, how will you work to address this problem?

Thank you for your kind attention. I look forward to your reply. (Please do not add my email address to any mailing lists).

Best regards,

Stephen Williams