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thalassa's retirement
penrose orange
Today is the seventh birthday of thalassa, my PC. It will soon be retiring.

thalassa's graphics card failed last December and had to be replaced in a hurry. A second component failure is now looking likely: the power supply unit has developed a loose connection. It only works if I push the on/off switch firmly into the "off" position (yes, really). In any other position, it makes a nasty crackling noise and spontaneously powers down after a few seconds.

I could replace the PSU, but new units for old Shuttle PCs are not easy to come by and are expensive. Spending very much money on propping up a seven-year-old PC is probably not sensible, I'm honestly surprised that the hard drive hasn't given out after so many years of fairly heavy use.

It's had a very good innings for a PC; it's predecessor, chryseis, went five and half years before retiring. Seven years is the longest-lived main PC I've owned, I think; the Amiga A500 I had as a teenager through my first year at university didn't go quite that long. It's not the longest-lived of any computer that I've owned, though: my server, nyx, is nine years old and will also be retiring this year.

thalassa's replacement has been ordered.
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