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penrose orange



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We've all been on a summer holiday
penrose orange
Just arrived home after a pleasant few days in Norfolk with my parents. The daily grind will begin again on Monday; but until then, I'm still in holiday mode, and have very much appreciated the break.

The weather was much cooler by the coast than it has been in the Thames Valley of late. I appreciated that, it's much nicer to be out and about in pleasant warmth than in sweltering heat (by this country's standards).

I stayed off the grid for the duration of the trip, not feeling any compulsion at all to check my email or read websites. The Internet seems to have become quite a drain on my time and energy recently, it's suddenly turned into information overload. I've stemmed the flow of data by trimming back my RSS feeds and Twitter follows. I'm only following eleven Twitter accounts at present, and that's quite enough. (I don't understand how people keep up with much more than that, and the appeal of the sheer tsunami of data that is Facebook continues to elude me).

My holiday wasn't tech-free, mind. I recently joined the tablet PC set, so I loaded my shiny new Kindle Fire HD up with reading material, games, music and videos to keep me amused on the journeys and during the evenings.

I do like lazy holidays. Really not looking forward to the resumption of adulthood next Monday...