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penrose orange



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Visiting Panem
penrose orange
I'm about a quarter of the way through The Hunger Games. A few other adults I know had read it and recommended it, and it was only £3 on the Kindle, so I decided to have a go. I'm reading it on the train during my commute to pass the time.

I like the writing style and the pacing. Using the events that Katniss experiences as "excuses" to talk about her past and the world in general is a nice way of gradually revealing information without having to resort to pages of expository infodump. As dystopian settings go, this one seems particularly unpleasant; it's what might result if Augustus Caesar were handed future tech and a copy of the collected works of Kim Jong-il.

Classic literature it may not be, but it's definitely a page-turner. Shortly before leaving work today, I found myself thinking "not long to go until I can find out what's going on with Katniss".

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