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A pleasant Easter morning
Christ is risen! Christus Victor!

A chilly morning, but the sunshine is bright and actually quite warm through the cold air. And the birds are singing. Given the recent weather conditions, we could have done a lot worse.

We sang some uplifting Easter hymns at church. Thine be the Glory is a perennial favourite for just about everybody; I Serve a Risen Saviour always induces flashbacks to my childhood, as it's a hymn I can remember from church services even as a very small boy. If you don't normally go to church but would like to listen to an Easter service, ours is available for download.

So yeah, a thoroughly pleasant morning altogether. (Though I almost managed to get myself run over on my walk home, which would not have been good, because I am unlikely to rise from the dead. Protip: on two-way streets, cars can come from both directions).

And now I will enjoy a Cadbury Creme Egg with my morning cuppa. Nom nom nom.