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Nothing of me
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It's been a while since I last weighed myself, so I went and stood on the scales in Boots. In my many layers of clothing and clompy boots, I'm 7st 8lb (106lb, 48kg); so probably subtract a couple of pounds for my true weight.

I also did the body fat measurement. The machine estimated my body fat at 15.2%, putting me in the "excellent" category. I knew it'd be a low figure; measuring it was more for my amusement than anything else.

My mother's right when she says I really could do with gaining a few pounds.

Since food manufacturers started prominently displaying the nutritional information of foods, I've been reading it religiously; and if stuff looks unhealthy, it generally goes straight back on the shelf. So I almost always go for low-fat this and healthy-option that, even though I'm not in need of losing any weight. Counter-intuitively, it's not doing me any favours; from trial and error, I've learned that too little fat in my diet plays havoc with my digestion, so I do need to condition myself to ignore the health information and go for the full-fat option a couple of times a week.

I treated myself to a huge chocolate cookie with my morning cuppa, and very nice it was too.

Doctor Who 2013 trailer
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Get it while it's hot!

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