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Region 2 NTSC
penrose orange
I borrowed the DVD of Skyfall from my boss and watched it yesterday evening.

Actually, it was the "this plays anywhere" Blu-ray edition with a bundled no-frills DVD. The DVD had "region 2 NTSC" printed on the label; and when played, carried an FBI anti-copying warning and an MPAA PG-13 certificate. A quick check with VLC indicated that the disc identified as both regions 1 and 2, so it looks like it was just the American no-frills release with an extra bit added to the region mask.

(Very nerdy of me to spend an evening watching a highly-praised box office smash, then my first instinct is to mention a technical peculiarity :-)

Of the film itself, it was okay.

The best moments were when it actually remembered that it's a Bond film rather than a generic action thriller; the predominantly po-faced feel of the Daniel Craig era is making me nostalgic for the Roger Moore years.

It's also yet another film infested with tedious teal-and-orange cinematography. How I miss the days when cinematographers acknowledged that the human eye can perceive the full colour spectrum.

Q was cool, though.

If I were asked to sum up all that seems wrong about current Bond films in one sentence, I'd put it like this: these films are not suitable for screening on a Saturday afternoon on ITV.