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penrose orange



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2013 gaming
penrose orange
Last week's PlayStation 4 announcement made me wonder about my own gaming adventures for the year ahead.

I don't think there are going to be very many.

For whatever reason, there doesn't seem to be much time for gaming any more. There's always other stuff to do. And during my free time, I'm more likely to just want to relax with music at the moment. I can't seem to pull together the energy or motivation to do much else; ennui seems to be my default mood when not at work (and even sometimes when at work).

I started playing Skyward Sword before Christmas, and had originally intended to have it finished by now, but it's looking more like I'll be dipping in and out of it over the course of the year. It's fun when I can motivate myself to bother, but I get bored after an hour or so, and then don't pick it up again for weeks.

This is all sounding very negative, but I really am very much in favour of gaming as a concept, as a pastime, and as a cultural phenomenon. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of my favourite experiences last year, and OverClocked ReMix might well be my favourite website. But at the moment, my motivation to slog my way through hours and hours of game is just zero.

(Heck, my motivation to do much of anything is pretty much zero).

I guess this answers the question of whether or not to pick up a cheap Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Mass Effect, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel... all games that, on some level, I'd like to have a try at; but realistically, can't see myself wanting to invest any time or energy in.

Perhaps I will look at the WiiWare store to see if there's anything inexpensive and casual to have a quick go at from time to time.