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penrose orange



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It's cold in my kitchen
penrose orange
I had half a bottle of clear honey on my kitchen shelf. Due to the cold temperature, it had started to crystallize and go cloudy. The blurb on the label said that if that happens, it could be restored by immersing the bottle in warm water. So I did. And it worked. For about a day.

Heating the honey must have denatured it somehow, because the following day, it had started to go even cloudier; and the day after that, it was obviously setting.

I managed to gloop most of it out of the bottle and into a plastic tub. It now looks like this:

This tub of set honey used to be runny
It tastes fine. It tastes exactly like set honey, actually. No good for drizzling over my breakfast cereal any more, though it still makes a good sweetener for hot cocoa.
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