January 22nd, 2013

penrose orange

Beaming bits through the aether

Just as the snow had mostly melted, we've had another dusting of it this evening. Even if more falls overnight, I don't think we'll be back where we started; but even so, I'm looking forward to the weekend thaw.

Last weekend, at the recommendation of a few people from church, I bought snow chains for my shoes. They work really well. I no longer fear my morning walk to the railway station on ungritted footpaths.

But enough about the snow. My new wireless router is much more exciting.

I got it a week ago. The main benefit for the time being is that my Wii is now online, so I can use it to watch BBC iPlayer. Being a few years old, the video quality with the Wii iPlayer client isn't stellar, but it's fine for catching up on stuff I've missed, and is preferable to using my computer monitor for catch-up TV. I've used it a few times over the past week. Wouldn't want to resort to low-def video for watching Doctor Who, though.

Now that I can put arbitrary devices online without trailing cat5 around my flat, I can plan to replace my ancient VCR with some manner of smart TV-enabled PVR. A YouView box might be the path of least resistance. The ones on the market at present don't seem to have built-in wi-fi, but a wireless bridge would solve that problem nicely. It'd be nice to have a high-def-capable box of some description in place in time for Doctor Who around Easter :-)