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penrose orange



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It's proper winter now
penrose orange
We escaped the worst of the snow around here, fortunately; just a light dusting overnight that didn't stick around on the tarmac. I think the ground was too wet and too warm for it to settle, and the council seemed to have done a decent job gritting.

Still, there was sleet on the ground during my walk home, and it was also pouring with rain. To avoid an unpleasant tumble, I walk slowly and carefully through slippery sleet, so that was a miserable trudge.

Cold weather tends to dry out the skin on my hands, but it's worse this year than in previous years. It's really rough and flaky, and cracking a little; not unlike mild eczema. It isn't itchy, though it stings a bit in hot water.

Some things that are helping to get me through winter:

  1. Weetabix with hot milk for breakfast. I heat the milk in the microwave, pour it over the cereal, then cover the bowl and leave it for a minute or so to absorb all the liquid and begin to set; it takes on a consistency akin to mashed potato. Add honey and/or fruit for extra yumminess.
  2. A long-sleeved thermal T-shirt makes a good base layer.
  3. Hot cocoa is an enjoyable late evening drink.
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