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penrose orange



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Not the best start
penrose orange
One day after the annual rail fair increase, my train broke down this morning. There's comedy timing for you.

I wasn't massively inconvenienced — the train limped out of Reading station, then stopped dead for a couple of minutes after only a couple of hundred yards. The driver made an announcement about a mechanical problem, and the train limped back into the station.

Because I always aim to catch an earlier train than I need to get me into work on time, I was able to catch a later one and still make it into the office. So no harm done.

Yesterday evening, my back started hurting. It's still feeling painful and stiff. It's nowhere near as painful as it was the last time something like this happened, and the ibuprofen is keeping the discomfort at bay. I'm at a loss to explain how it's happened, though every symptom must have an underlying cause.

All in all, not the smoothest start to the new year.