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penrose orange



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Domino-activated dimensional portals
penrose orange
My back was a lot less tense and achy this morning when I got up. Right now, it hardly hurts at all.

I had a fun dream last night. It made no sense, but here goes.

I had been playing dominoes. For some reason, I kept hold of the double-blank. It seemed important.

I found myself at Reading railway station. There are barriers at the station that only permit access to the platform when one places one's ticket in a slot. In my dream, there was a second slot that looked like it would accommodate a domino. I had a sense that if I inserted the double-blank into the slot, something important would happen, but that nothing would ever be the same again. So I went for it. The barrier opened, along with a dimensional portal.

After passing through the portal, I found myself standing on a balcony overlooking a garden. I had a sense of destiny, that my old life was finished and I'd be staying in the garden from now on. I also found that my wishes in the garden became reality. So I wished for some creatures to live in the garden; butterflies, peacocks, and some other creatures I don't remember. My wishing was so effective that the place was soon swarming with creatures, more than the garden could comfortably sustain. So I wished that the creature population would be reduced to something sensible, and it happened.

Then, I wished for a Great Deku Tree with a Pikachu sitting in it, and they appeared. (Given a Garden of Infinite Wishing, Dream!Stephen can apparently think of little better to do than wish for Nintendo characters. Huh).

And that was pretty much it.