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penrose orange



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Still more backache
penrose orange
I had a rough night last night, of the "ow ow ow it hurts ow ow make it stop ow I think there's something seriously wrong with me ow ow ow ow" variety. I called my doctor this morning and described the pain; he said that the symptoms are consistent with an acute back problem rather than an internal problem. This is something of a relief in itself, but doesn't alter the fact that my back is very painful. The doctor advised me to take paracetamol and ibuprofen in combination.

Because I needed to buy food, I took a cautious walk to the shops. (My appetite is unaffected, which is further evidence that there's no internal problem). I've found that staying as vertical as possible minimizes the pain. If I turn or bend, unpleasant things happen.

I called my boss and asked for remote access to the company network to be enabled for me so I can work from home. So far, he hasn't got back to me, though I hope he does. Mentally, I'm absolutely fine; there's no reason why I can't work.

I have a hot water bottle between my back and the chair. It's nice :-)