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penrose orange



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Lay all your pain on me
penrose orange
Reading's defunct Woolworths shop is now a Clas Ohlson. It seems so much bigger inside than when it was a Woolworths. They've made much better use of the space, and the interior actually seems to have been designed rather than just thrown together.

They're really playing up the "we're from Sweden and we're a bit different" thing. Their promotional flyer describes the store as a "usefulshöpp". They'd even hired an Abba tribute band to play outside.

I've hurt my back somehow. I first noticed some stiffness in my lower back yesterday. and it's got worse since then. As long as I stay vertical and facing forward, it's just a boring ache; if I turn or bend over, I get an acute pain. Lying on my back, putting pressure in just the wrong place, causes a spasm. Sleeping on my back last night was impossible; lying on my side was okay as long as I didn't move.

I went to the pharmacist and was sold some slow-release Nurofen that's supposed to last for eight hours. A little over an hour in, it doesn't seem to be doing much.