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penrose orange



cat /var/log/stephen >/dev/eyes

Fall back
penrose orange
There are a fair few clocks around here. I have manually corrected the time on:
  • two wristwatches
  • the kitchen clock
  • the central heating timer
  • the GameCube
  • EDIT: my alarm clock. Did that last night and forgot to mention it

and have cleared the daylight saving flag on:
  • the mobile telephone
  • the PS2 (well, I would have done, but it wasn't actually set...)

Nothing to do on the computers or television because they're timezone-aware and thus self-correcting.

The clocks on my microwave and video recorder didn't need adjusting because they weren't set in the first place; I switch both appliances off at the wall when I'm not using them. (Timer recording on the VCR is accomplished by setting a timer on the television which wakes the VCR up at the correct time).

penrose orange
I found a dead wasp in my bath.