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penrose orange



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Well, that was a waste of a prescription charge
penrose orange
I've only been taking the amitriptyline for a few days, but the side-effects are sufficiently unpleasant that I'm giving up. I've spent the whole day at the office feeling sleepy, at times finding it hard to focus on my screen. I've also developed a sore throat (worse today than yesterday) and sensitivity to light.

It's possible that the meds aren't to blame; perhaps I've coincidentally picked up some virus. I'll know in a couple of days if the aforesaid symptoms clear up.

Bizarre dream last night: I dreamed it was almost Christmas, and I'd gone to Cromer to visit my parents. My mother had just collected the turkey from the butcher's shop; but when she unpacked it, she found it wasn't a turkey. It was a parrot.

It hadn't been plucked and prepared in any way. It was a whole, dead parrot, with white plumage. Y'know how farmyard ducks and geese are often white? This was apparently a domesticated, farm-reared parrot.

It rather scuppered our plans for Christmas dinner. Not much meat on a parrot.