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penrose orange



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Volkswagen did not sponsor this journal entry
penrose orange
TV shows made by commercial British networks will be permitted to use product placement.

Oh, goody. Just what we needed. The product placement in American shows is so blatant these days, particularly the car advertising (e.g. in Heroes, just about everybody drives a Nissan, with model names inserted into dialogue where appropriate).

I'm glad that the BBC is still banned from all commercial sponsorship, I'd hate for this kind of thing to happen in Doctor Who:

Doctor: "Hey, I fixed the chameleon circuit! The TARDIS can now look like anything we want."
Companion: "How about this?" *fiddles with controls; the TARDIS changes shape*
Doctor: "A sports car?"
Companion: "A Volkswagen Scirocco."
Doctor: "Pretty stylish."
Companion: "It's the latest model. Two litre engine, 200 horsepower, seven-speed gearbox. Sweet."
Doctor: "Fantastic! What did you say it's called, again?"
Companion: "A Volkswagen Scirocco."