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penrose orange



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Wasps are not strong swimmers
penrose orange
A wasp landed in my orange juice while flabio and I were eating lunch yesterday. He was good enough to fish it out for me. Surprisingly, it didn't drown, and flew away quite happily after drying itself off. After that, the rest of the juice didn't taste quite right, but I'm sure it was entirely psychological.

(My own fault for flicking it towards my glass when it was buzzing around my lunch).

Being PS3-equipped, Glen was able to show me the playable demo of the new Batman video game, with voice work by many of the DCAU voice actors. (I checked who they cast as Oracle; it isn't Tara Strong, which is a bit of a shame).

We exchanged video game soundtracks. I generally rip things to Vorbis rather than MP3, which I hope hasn't annoyed Glen too much.