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penrose orange



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penrose orange
So, we went to the Proms.

We sat in the circle, which is fairly high up and gave us an excellent view of the orchestra, soloists and conductor.

The Japanese music on the programme was weird. It was slow, dissonant and minimalist. I found the third piece fairly tedious; to my ears, it was just orchestral plink-plonk, though the addition of the shō added a little interest.

I think I prefer Japanese music when it sounds like this.

The Sarasate piece was good. It was a bunch of tunes from the opera Carmen, arranged for solo violin backed by orchestra. The soloist didn't just stand there and play; she was very animated. A fantastic soloist is always a pleasure to watch and listen to.

People in the audience kept coughing and dropping things. Grrrrrr.

On Saturday, we had a nose around the East End, where my brother and his girlfriend live. They have a very nice flat in a very nice part of Bethnal Green, which has overturned all my preconceptions about the East End.

There was a tree outside the flat with berries on. Tweety birds used to like eating the berries. I'm using the past tense because my father commented on how sickly the tree was looking; then, a very short time (about a minute) later, this happened:

Some clown managed to back a large van into the tree and knocked it over. I've blurred the number plate in the photo, but we took down the number and reported the incident to the council. I wonder if they've cleared the road yet?

There's a little farm in the East End! We saw sheep, pigs and chickens. Oh, and ducks. Quack.