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Where should I put my X?
penrose orange
In an attempt to help me decide how to vote in the EU elections next month, I visited Vote Match and took their quiz. They ask a load of questions about EU-related issues and compare your responses against the positions of the various parties. My results came out like this:

1/ Jury Team (44/62)
2= Green Party (43/62)
2= UKIP (43/62)
4/ Libertas (38/62)
5/ Conservative Party (34/62)
6/ Liberal Democrats (28/62)
7/ Labour Party (25/62)

UKIP in the joint second highest position took me by surprise. It happened because I gave a negative response to any question resembling "The EU should prohibit...", "EU countries must..." etc. My default political position these days is basically "stop making laws and leave me alone".

Of the three main parties, my positions are apparently closest to the Tories. Good grief, who am I and what have I done with the real Stephen?

The Jury Team have some interesting policies. I'd be quite happy to lend them my vote, I think.