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Retro robots, ray guns and rocket ships
penrose orange
I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on TV yesterday evening. Fantastic film, exactly my sort of thing.

No physical sets — the film was made in CGI with actors bluescreened in. It's set in an alternate 1939 that looks mostly like the real 1930s except for the retro-futuristic sci-fi stuff (amphibious aircraft, ray guns, huge robots) which could've come from the pages of the comic books of the time. For added period effect, it's almost entirely done in sepia and grey; initially, the muted colours seem to restrict the film's ability to breathe (if that makes any sense), but you soon adjust to it. I bet it'd look stunning in high-def; definitely one to check out on Blu-ray in the future.

The story is a straightforward romp of an adventure inspired by old movie serials (in the same sort of way that Indiana Jones and The Mummy were). It's deliberately old-fashioned and corny, and thus tremendous fun.

Best thing I've seen in ages.

A bit different from my daily commute
penrose orange
The first fourteen pictures in my "Cromer" gallery are new, and illustrate my birthday activities.

I hadn't been on a steam train since my childhood, but could vividly recall the smell of burning coal; like the smell of my grandmother's open fire, only much more so. The steam engine smell isn't quite the same as the open fire smell though because of the moisture of the boiling water; it might just be my imagination, but it seems to pick up some of the smell of the iron boiler, too. Such a glorious smell; very bad for the atmosphere, and probably for me too, but hey.

It's only a ten-mile journey, but it takes 25 minutes in order to give the passengers time to enjoy the scenery, and to avoid pushing the engines too hard. The engine hauling our train was a 1943 model built for the War Department. I guess it was originally intended for the transportation of arms and equipment, not people.

Steam trains, clockwork watches... it's all been a bit of a retro birthday!