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penrose orange



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New wallet; music recommendation; composer's block
penrose orange
I keep my wallet in my front pocket. It tends to get crammed full of receipts and stuff, making it thick and thus awkward to lever in and out of my pocket. Plus, coins get caught in it and fly all over the place when I finally manage to coax it out. So I've bought a Jimi wallet: much slimmer, nowhere for coins to get trapped, and too small to accommodate receipts and junk. I've found that the card holder only comfortably takes three cards instead of the advertised four, but the money clip can also hold two cards instead of the advertised one, so it all evens out. I'm liking it so far.

(Why is it called a "Jimi", though? It doesn't seem to have any guitar prowess).

I've had But the Future Refused to Change stuck in my head all day. It's a good track though, so I was quite happy for it to be today's mental soundtrack. There's lots to like about it:
  • church organ and chiptune synth playing together;
  • the synth sounds in general;
  • reverby piano at ~4m16s;
  • the section beginning around 5m18s, which repeats a short section of melody a few times before launching back into the introductory tune at 5m34s. I like that bit because the same sort of thing happens in my head when I'm mentally arranging variations of tunes I like. (I do that a lot. There's a fair bit of "Stephen's favourite video game music, as arranged by Stephen" kicking around in my head that will just have to stay there (for the time being?) because I (currently?) have no way of letting it escape);
  • the whole thing seems to retain the Chrono Trigger "feel".
I have an idea for another chiptune, but am currently lacking a melody. Perhaps I just need to play around for a bit to see what falls out.