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penrose orange



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Square waves and arpeggios
penrose orange
So, I decided to try my hand at chiptunes.

Only one so far, it's just an ascending/descending scale with other bits happening around it. Mostly, I was practising with the waveform editor.

You can't do backing chords because you've only got four voices to play with; chords would consume three of them, leaving only one for the melody, and thus no space for a rhythm or percussion track. Instead, you can do arpeggios; say, for a major arpeggio in C, you tell the tracker to rapidly cycle between a C, four semitones above the C, and seven semitones above the C. That's what the high-pitched trilly/vibrate-y noises are in that MP3.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten most of what I ever knew about music theory, so trying anything more complicated than scales is proving difficult. Trying to figure out which arpeggios go well with which notes is a matter of trial and error.

Poll #1361974 Chiptastic?

Do you think I should persevere?

Yes, it's easy when you know how!
Argh, my ears!