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Batman Day activities
The original plan was to spend the afternoon listening to Batman soundtrack music, then finish the day with a DVD. However, the original plan went out the window when I received an email from Annemarie, suggesting I celebrate Batman Day in Oxford with her. That sounded like a plan, so off to Oxford I went.

We watched a little Batman on DVD (the Chase Me short, followed by an episode of TAS); doesn't sound like much, but Annemarie's illness means that she tires easily, and it was best not to aggravate her headache with excessive screen-watching. We both dressed mostly in black, of course; I say "mostly" because my somewhat faded jeans aren't really black any more, and her fluffy pink slippers don't count at all.

(Batman could absolutely get away with fluffy pink slippers. No-one would dare comment).

Annemarie dressed her cuddly toys up as Batman characters. She uploaded photos of them to the Failbook page about Batman Day, so if you're a member of the group, you can see them. You really should :-)

After arriving back home, I spend the evening chatting with a_canary_mad while listening to the some of the Batman soundtrack she sent me about a month ago. I kept half of it back to listen to today while doing my ironing, thus stretching the Batman Day festivities over two days! (Today is Bat-Boxing Day, or the second day of Batmas, or something).

Yet another hole
penrose orange
I wish the pockets in jeans were as hard-wearing as the rest of the jeans.