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penrose orange



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Darnit, just missed the opportunity to post this on Saturday
penrose orange
I've heard a few tracks from the Dissidia soundtrack, which consists mainly of new arrangements of melodies taken from the Final Fantasy canon. It's a bit of a mixed bag, really, though the version of "Don't be Afraid" (Final Fantasy VIII's regular battle theme) is rather pleasing.

I was thinking about the kind of fiction (by which I mean TV shows, films and games; I barely read fictional books these days) that I like. flabio's favourite website has a page about the sliding scale of idealism vs. cynicism. I think I'm fairly close to the "idealism" end of the scale; flabio likes some of each, though he seems to lean more towards "cynicism". This, I think, is one of the reasons that, although we like the same genres, we have different favourites.

It's now February, so it's time to remind everyone that February 14, 2009 is the second annual International Batman Day.

For those who don't know, Batman Day is a holiday I invented last year so I'd have something to do on February 14 when everyone else is celebrating some other event. It can be marked in any way you like. I'll be dressing in black, listening to the Batman: The Animated Series soundtrack (courtesy of a_canary_mad), then rounding off the day with a DVD.

Those of you who will be celebrating some other event on the 14th can celebrate Batman Day as well. They're not mutually exclusive!