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penrose orange



cat /var/log/stephen >/dev/eyes

There's a story in here somewhere
penrose orange
Interesting fantasy-related dream last night.

The scenario (it was unclear as to whether I was watching a film, or was observing the protagonist, or was the protagonist; so I'll just call it "the scenario") involved a guy who suffered periods of amnesia or "lost time". It transpired that he wasn't amnesiac; he was uncontrollably slipping between two realities, but was unable to carry the memories of one reality into the other. One reality was his "home" reality; the other was subtly different.

There were other characters as well, but they seemed to originate in the "alternate" reality and were able to control their movements between the two. One of them, a woman, had to wear a mask while in the protagonist's "home" reality because her face became distorted for some reason. It wasn't remotely natural-looking distortion; it was as if the universe had suffered a localized crash while trying to render her face. She seemed to be an ally of the protagonist. There was at least one definite villain, who had entered the "home" reality in order to harm it in some way. Possibly connected with him were creatures who were transformed into monstrous forms when they transferred from "alternate" to "home", e.g. a huge, four-headed, fire-breathing wolf.

I wonder where my subconscious dredged that lot up from? Decades of exposure to various forms of sci-fi and fantasy, I guess.

The notion of something capable of causing a localized systems failure in the fabric of the universe is pretty neat. Star Ocean 3 tentatively touches on it; I think Chrono Cross does as well.