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penrose orange



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Is something burning?
penrose orange
The train journey home from work yesterday was sadly typical of First Great Western -- the train was late, and there weren't enough carriages, so I had to stand near the door because there wasn't room in the seating area.

About halfway through the journey, one of the other passengers standing by the door said to me:

"Can you smell singed hair?"

He was a twentysomething guy with a short, scruffy beard. He was wearing a white tracksuit jacket and a beanie hat.

This isn't the kind of question that one expects to be asked by a passenger on a train, but there was a vague burning smell in the carriage. So I decided to humour him, and replied "yeah, sort of". He twirled around on the spot, and asked me "Am I on fire?"

I replied "...no, you're not... Am I on fire?" He told me that I wasn't on fire either.

A lady standing behind me had started to chuckle at the increasingly bizarre conversation, so I turned round and reassured her that she wasn't on fire either.

The other guy then started asking random people if they were on fire. He looked along the length of the carriage to see if he could see anyone burning.

Me: "Maybe it's like on Heroes. Someone has the power of fire, and we're about to see a scary Mr. Sylar coming along to steal their power."
(The lady behind me is now in hysterics).
Him: "Or maybe the train will liquify."
Me: "That'd be cool."
Him: "But we'd be dead."
Me: "That wouldn't be cool."

After a few more minutes of general strangeness, the train stopped at Twyford station and guy disembarked. As he left the platform, he called out to the driver "I think something's on fire!"

I'd had a pretty frustrating day at work; bizarreness on the train was just what I needed to make it all better.