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Voices of the Lifestream
ff, final fantasy
OverClocked ReMix (how I dislike that name...) released a new album, Voices of the Lifestream. They've given the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack a bit of a makeover.

There's a lot of music there. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet; I've been cherry-picking. As is typical of OCReMix, the emphasis seems to be on noisy techno and noisy hard rock, neither of which are to my taste; however, there are some decent tracks among the racket. Some of my favourites follow...

(Warning: the rest of the links in this post all go directly to MP3s. If you don't want to download lots of megabytes of free music, don't click them...)

Short Skirts: a sleepy, laid-back arrangement of Tifa's theme. Very atypical for a fan arrangement of a game tune. There needs to be more game music like this, I think.

Daydreaming Again and Sleep, My Sephy: nice classical guitar arrangements.

Alien Exploration: when I played the game, I didn't care for the Gold Saucer theme at all. It was loud, brash and irritating, much like Gold Saucer itself. The Piano Collections version was good though, and so is this version; it seems to just work here. Smooth segue into Cid's theme, too.

Jenova Returns: orchestral medley of the two Jenova battle themes. Very movie soundtrack-y.

Black Wing Metamorphosis: an unusual arrangement of One-Winged Angel. Loads of different ideas, all coming together fairly well. The second half captures Sephiroth's insanity quite nicely. The track is a bit stop-start in a couple of places, but that's a minor quibble. Could've done with being a little longer, perhaps.

The Golden Ivories of Gaia: piano medley of various themes. Easily up to the same standard as the best of the official Piano Collections albums.

flabio mentioned Valse Aeris and Every Story Begins with a Name in his journal on Friday; both of those are worth a go, too. (Is it just me, or does ESBwaN go all Mitsuda-like around the the four and a half minute mark?)