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Flood warning
penrose orange
England is pretty damp at the moment. The rivers just can't cope with all the rain we've been having.

The major towns in Gloucestershire are under river water, and without power and running water. Oxfordshire has suffered flooding; the road and rail links between Reading and Oxford were out of action this morning.

A flood warning has been issued for Reading; water levels are expected to peak sometime overnight. I'll be fine: I'm a mile away from the Thames, up a hill, and two floors off the ground. But if the Thames does burst its banks at Reading, a lot of people are going to be flooded out. The railway station is right next to the river, so the trains will all be out of action if the worst happens.

Although my flat is safe, there's no guarantee that I'll still have electricity or running water tomorrow morning. If an electricity substation or water purification plant were to be flooded out...