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penrose orange



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penrose orange
I returned safely from visiting my parents yesterday. It was a much-needed break. Even though I didn't do very much, I was always zonked out by mid-evening. Sea air has that effect.

My father has gone to great lengths to ensure that the bird food in his garden is accessible only to tweety birds and not to pigeons. Most of it is in hanging bird feeders that pigeons don't use, being ground feeders; and the food that is on the ground is guarded by a mesh enclosure with "doorways" that are too small for pigeons to enter. If he sees a pigeon in the garden, he runs outside and scares it away. There's sometimes collateral damage, in that the tweety birds are also scared away, but they come back after a minute or two.

Tweety birds I observed in the garden:

My father describes starlings as "the chavs of the garden" — they're noisy, and they squabble, and throw their food around.