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penrose orange



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It's that time of year again
penrose orange
Prior to last year's council elections, my ward had three Labour councillors. The 2006 elections turned one of those red seats orange, by quite a comfortable margin.

It's been a bad year for our Labour-controlled council. The fortnightly refuse collection has proved unpopular, the kerbside recycling scheme is still below par (they don't take glass, and only some plastics), and the imposition of a new one-way road system in the face of massive public protest led to the guy in charge of transport policy announcing that he wouldn't be standing for re-election.

Won't be voting for them, then.

The local Lib Dems have run a largely positive campaign, highlighting the improvements that their councillor has successfully campaigned for. Mostly little things — graffiti cleanups, fence repairs, the sort of things that do make a lot of difference to people living in residential suburbs.

The Tory campaign leaflet I was handed today was mostly vitriol against Gordon Brown. Fighting a local election on national issues is always a no-no in my book.

So, it'll be orange for me again this year, as expected.