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penrose orange



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FFXII part 2
ff, final fantasy
I've decided to take notes as I play so I don't forget any more names.

Spoilers inside!Collapse )

Lunar eclipse
penrose orange
At the time of writing, the moon is a red-orange colour, like terracotta. No photos; my camera's zoom isn't anywhere near powerful enough to capture it.

There's a thin sliver of whiteness at the very top, and the whole thing is shimmering, as if the moon is struggling to free itself from the shadows consuming it. I'll have another look in half an hour or so to see if it has become totally obscured. The eclipse is suppose to last until around midnight.

One can imagine the ancients staring at the lunar eclipse in fear, wondering why Cynthia had deserted them.

EDIT 23:19: just had another look. There's the faintest band of grey-white at the top of the moon, but no shimmering. It looks like a soulless, lifeless ball of rock. The ancients would surely have been terrified.