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Giddy anticipation
ff, final fantasy
A brand new, still-shrink-wrapped copy of Final Fantasy XII sits on my desk in front of me.

The retail price was £30, as flabio anticipated. With a couple of trade-ins, I got it for £14. The nice chaps at Gamestation threw in some freebies, too: a poster, a map of Ivalice, and a mini strategy guide, which I haven't so much as opened because it's probably full o' spoilers.

I can't play yet. I have to do my chores first. (Sitting here writing about stuff isn't getting them done, either).

The game carries a 16+ age rating, which is rather high for an FF. They're usually 12+. I guess the realism has been kicked up a notch.

I have that feeling of giddy anticipation that all new games produce, but Final Fantasy and Zelda games produce especially. I remember the sensation from FFX-2 launch day. I had a dental appointment that day; I read the X-2 instruction booklet in the waiting room before my appointment. The giddiness doesn't abate when I actually start playing the game; it continues for a few hours while everything is still new.

This afternoon, I will begin a wonderful journey. I can't wait.