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penrose orange



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penrose orange
I've been discussing music with my brother recently, talking about the kind of stuff I like and don't like.

Here's a list of some of the stuff I like in a track. If a piece of music has a reasonable subset of these characteristics, I'll probably enjoy it:
  • Instrumental. If someone is caterwauling bad poetry over the top of the music, I can't hear it properly.
  • Skillful playing. The more technical expertise, the better. No missed notes.
  • The music should go somewhere unexpected.  The verse-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus-chorus structure has been done to death. Do something different.
  • Melodic. Something I can hum or whistle.
  • Full sound. Orchestral music should use the whole orchestra effectively. Electric/electronic music should have layers of synths and guitars. Piano music should be all over the keyboard.
  • Interesting rhythms. Uncountable time signatures.
  • Unpredictable key and time changes.

Of course, everything is negotiable. Sometimes, a pretty song is a pretty song.