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penrose orange



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penrose orange
I got a good deal on a Gamecube/Game Boy Player package.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance looks very nice on the TV screen.

Wind Waker is extremely pretty, but is reminding me of why I gave up playing action games. It's both fun and frustrating in equal measure.

I had a quick glance at OoT Master Quest. The redesigned first dungeon is rather harder than I remember the original being, although the boss seemed easier the second time around.

Not a bad game so far, minor frustrating bits notwithstanding
penrose orange
Things I like about Wind Waker:
  • Cel-shading. It suits the game perfectly. Sinister things somehow seem even more sinister when rendered in cartoony semi-2D.
  • It plays just like OoT. I think that the two games might well share a fair bit of code. If not, the general feel of OoT's engine has been recreated brilliantly.
  • The musical crashes that play every time Link hits a bad guy. They integrate with the battle music beautifully, and sound like an extension of the score. The effect is similar to the old Tom and Jerry cartoons.
  • The new parry attack.
  • Torches that last longer than ten seconds.
  • Lots of OoT tunes reused, giving a nice sense of continuity.
  • More OoT references than you can shake a Deku stick at.

Things I don't like:
  • The character design, apart from Link, Tetra, Aryll, and anyone else resembling them. Everyone else just looks weird. (OoT had a similar problem, so this is more of a complaint about modern-generation Zelda character design in general, not WW in particular).
  • The cel-shaded water and smoke look a little over-simplistic. They're the only cel-shaded effects that I don't like.

Things I miss from OoT:
  • Saria.
  • Navi.
  • The "nyow" sound effect you got when targeting an enemy.
  • Saria.
  • Being able to find out the names of enemies.
  • Saria.