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penrose orange



cat /var/log/stephen >/dev/eyes

Where's Buffy when you need her?
penrose orange
Final Fantasy Tactics: Elmdor battle. Argh. Stupid vampire and his icky status effects. Chalk this victory up to dumb luck. Fortunately, the next two bosses were rather easier.

FFT has started getting rather boss-heavy. I have a feeling that I'm getting close to the end. I've clocked up over seventy hours on it so far, so I've certainly got my money's worth!

I got the Famous Hidden Character (thanks to hints courtesy of GameFAQs). He's at level 1 :-/ Much training to do if I want him to be useful.

In weather news: it's raining! Cool, refreshing rain! And the temperature shouldn't exceed 28C/82F tomorrow, which will be nice.