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Temperature threshold exceeded
penrose orange
We Brits spend so much time moaning about cold/damp/dismal weather that it really seems ungrateful to moan about hot weather too. I generally try to avoid complaining about the heat. I prefer warm weather to cold weather, because I tend to feel the cold, and have trouble keeping warm in winter.

That said, the heatwave has finally got to me. (The British definition of a heatwave is anything in excess of 30C/86F - not much of a heatwave by international standards; it's all relative). Temperatures are approaching the mid-thirties/mid-nineties. There's even speculation that the 100F mark may be broken today.

So far today, I've managed to stay fairly cool. I've got my windows and door open, so there's a gentle breeze blowing through the flat. My thermometer is reading 28C/82F, which I'm comfortable with. I don't know whether it'll last; my flat faces west, so I cop the full force of the afternoon sun. I might have to close my curtains this afternoon to keep the sun out.

Yesterday was probably no hotter in absolute terms, but it certainly felt hotter. I don't like to leave my windows open when I'm out at work, so there was no air getting into the flat during the day. I left the blinds in my front room closed too keep the afternoon sun out; but even so, the room was like an oven when I got home. At least the office is air-conditioned, so I'm not sweltering at work.

I had a bad night's sleep; the air was uncomfortably warm, making deep breaths awkward. Lying in bed at 01:00 with a pounding headache, limbs feeling heavy, and generally feverish trains of thought is a reasonable indication that the heat has got to one. I ended up drinking three glasses of (tepid) water and taking some ibuprofen for my head. I know that I was treating the symptoms, not the cause, but it was all I could do to get some sleep.

(I was subsequently awoken at around 05:00 by the mad rooster that lives somewhere in the neighbourhood. Bah, stupid chicken).