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penrose orange



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Upgrade frenzy!
penrose orange
I migrated to GCC version 3.3, since it is now the standard compiler in the Debian testing stream. It's been installed as the default compiler; it's what I get if I just type "gcc" without qualifying it with a version number. I've kept version 2.95 on my system as well, just for compiling kernels. A reasonable number of the people on the Linux kernel mailing list seem happy with 3.3 as a kernel compiler, but personally I'd rather wait a bit before switching; the kernel is the one thing on the system that you don't want to miscompile. A subtle compiler bug could ruin my whole day. The version of GCC 2.95 that I've got is the one from the Debian stable stream, and I've put the packages on "hold" so I can't "upgrade" it to a testing version by accident.

I used GCC 3.3 to compile the latest versions of Sylpheed and Perl. Seemed to work.

I've also installed the latest Debian build of OpenOffice, but I downloaded that as prebuilt binaries. Didn't fancy compiling it myself; life is Just Too Short.

I need to upgrade Galeon at some point; I'm several revisions behind.