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penrose orange



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Happy Summer Solstice!
penrose orange
Today is the longest day of the year in the northerm hemisphere. Astronomically speaking, today is the first day of summer. We had suitably summery weather, too.

Annoying day at work yesterday. I had to repair a customer's computer. The hard disk drive had completely packed up, and was making a very strange grinding/whirring noise; sounded almost like a mechanical bleating! There was no way I could salvage any data from it, so I just put a brand-new disk in the computer and reimaged it.

During the reimaging process, the computer started complaining about I/O errors. Knowing that the problem couldn't be the new disk, I tried replacing the IDE cable. They were the kind of errors I'd expect to see if the cable was bad.

Three cables later, I realized that the cable wasn't at fault. Turned out to be the IDE controller.

I had to replace the whole flipping motherboard.

The computer that the customer is getting back is practically brand-new...