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Darn you, Hallmark!
penrose orange
It's Fathers' Day next Sunday, so yesterday I bought a card to send to my dad. I went into W.H. Smith to look for a card, because I get most of my greeting cards from there. The shop has a large selection of cards, and I can usually find one I like.

However, I didn't find a single suitable card.

Their range consisted of the following:
  • cute cards for small children to give to their daddies;
  • funny cards, suitable for older children to give, but too childish for adults;
  • supposedly "funny" cards with off-colour jokes about sex/drunkenness/bodily functions;
  • genuinely funny cards that just didn't seem suitable for whatever reason;
  • cards depicting activities that the stereotypical father loves doing, but which my father has little or no interest in (e.g. football, cricket, fishing, gardening);
  • sentimental cards with poems in.

My father is interested in old-fashioned aeroplanes. A card with a picture of a Tiger Moth (or similar historical biplane) and a caption similar to "To my dad on Fathers' Day" would have been perfect. But no such card existed.

I couldn't even find a blank-for-your-own-message card in the art prints section that I liked.

I eventually found a reasonable card in Clintons'. It's a blank-for-your-own-message photo print of a Tudor fort at sunset. Not very Fathers' Day-ish, I know, but I liked the photo.