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I'm _too_ good. It's official
penrose orange
At work this morning, I was showing Matt the stuff I've been doing, and he asked for some extra functionality. The thought of it made me shudder initially, because it looked difficult. After a bit of thinking, I worked out a fairly neat way of doing it. Implementing the changes (which amount to a partial rewrite) to the back end[1] took most of the rest of the day, and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Having modified the back end, tomorrow I have to make corresponding changes to the front end. However, the back end is now more complex than it was before. It's not too complex - in order to do what it's meant to, it has to be complex. The problem is that it's sufficiently complex that I have no idea about how to implement the front end.

Yup, I've out-coded myself!

Go me.

[1] the "back end" is the part of a computer program that the user doesn't interact with; it does the processing behind-the-scenes. The "front end" is the part that the user does interact with, and may take the form of (e.g.) a command-line interface, a window, or a Web page.