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penrose orange
Installed a new kernel, patched using the latest version of Con Kolivas' kernel patch series.

Con now offers three different virtual memory systems with his patches: Andrea Arcangeli's, Rik van Riel's (which I usually use), and his own "auto-regulating" VM. From the web page: "...This makes for a very cachey VM, but one that avoids swap fairly aggressively. It should bog the system down less under heavy memory and system stress." Now, I've noticed my machine being a bit swappy lately (due to the web browser I use allocating massive amounts of memory for graphics), so I thought I'd give the new VM a go.

It works very nicely. In the past, swap space would be allocated well before the system actually got low on memory. Now, swap is only allocated when real memory gets tight, and is freed up as soon as possible. Result: a less swappy, snappier-feeling system. I recommend this VM (as well as the base ck patch) for Linux desktop users who want a generally smoother-feeling machine.

In addition to the base ck patch and the auto-regulating VM, I added IBM's latest JFS release to my kernel. I use JFS on my larger partitions, and it works nicely for me.