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Stephen does his civic duty
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I decided to vote for Dr. Hugh Swann, the Green Party candidate. The Greens' local policies make sense, and I was generally impressed with the way they conducted their local campaign.

It's very unlikely that Dr. Swann will be elected. My ward is a Labour/LibDem marginal. Either of those two candidates will clinch it. However, since I'm not opposed to either candidate in principle (the quality of the local LibDem campaign notwithstanding), I didn't feel the need to "tactically" vote against one of them by backing the other party.

The BBC is providing online election results for all the elections today. I'll be keeping an eye on Reading's after the polls close (21:00 BST). As you can see, Labour currently controls this council with a huge majority. Unfortunately, the BBC page doesn't show the results for each individual ward, only a summary; so I'll have to find out the result in my ward some other way.

In other news: we had a fire drill at work today. As soon as the bell went, we all calmly filed out of the building and into the car park at the front. A minute or so later, the person who organized the drill (a somewhat ditzy woman who works on the floor above us) emerged from the building and sheepishly explained that she didn't know how to turn the alarm off...

If Final Fantasy characters were standing in the local elections...
penrose orange
Celes: "I'm a GENERAL, not some pathetic councillor!"

Edgar: "A vote for me is a vote for weekly beauty pageants in the town hall, which I will convert into a subterranean vehicle of some kind."

Terra: "What does it mean to win an election? Will I ever understand that feeling?"

Cloud: "When did I decide to run for office? How did I enter the election? Why can't I remember?"

Aeris: "If elected, I pledge to transform all the city's wasteland into flower gardens."

Yuffie: "Sign this. It's a contract stating that when the election is over, I get to keep all the tax money."

Squall: "Voting is a waste of time. You can't rely on the council for anything. You've only got yourself to depend on."

Seifer: "I will be the mayor's loyal knight. You wouldn't understand, chicken-wuss."
Raijin: "I think Seifer'd make a pretty good mayor himself, ya know?"
Fujin: "...VOTE."

Selphie: "Booyaka! Elect me so that I can table tons of awesome legislation! You should see the list of amendments I've made for my first council meeting! It's this big!"

Vivi: "If no-one votes for me, does that mean I don't exist?"

Quina: "Campaign leaflets yummy! Ballot papers yummy! Incumbent councillor not taste so good."

Aki: "My dreams hold the key to winning the election. I'm sure of it."