April 30th, 2003

penrose orange

I wish I could vote for Tortoise

Local elections tomorrow. Here's a summary of the campaign leaflets I've received:
  • Berkshire Stop the War Party: single-issue party contesting a local election on a national/international issue. Nope, not voting for you, you silly people.
  • Liberal Democrats: I usually quite like them, but they wasted half their leaflet ranting about government taxation policy, which local councils are powerless to change. Central government makes the policy regarding local taxation; local councils then collect the tax and spend the money. Local councils can vary the amount of tax collected, but cannot alter the fundamental principles behind the taxation policy. Their complaints may well be valid, but there's nothing that can be done at the local council level, so making an issue of it here is pointless. The rest of the leaflet was rather content-free; fairly standard "we're committed to public services", "we will work hard for local people" stuff that didn't go into any detail. Sorry, LibDems; I usually like you, but your campaign sucked this time, so you don't get my vote.
  • Green Party: nice leaflet printed on green recycled paper. Lots of detailed information about their policies on housing, crime prevention, sanitation, recycling, public transport etc. A small section complains about one of Reading's Members of Parliament, which is a national issue, but it's the only part of this campaign leaflet that I can really find fault with. Furthermore, since I agree with most of their policies, they're definitely a contender for my vote.
  • Labour Party: the current incumbents in the council. Big glossy leaflet describing what they've been doing in the past year, and their plans for the future. A bit of national politics creeps in on the back page, with a typical anti-Conservative column and a picture of Tony Blair. That aside, their policies are sound, and I have no objections to the current council, so I may well support them with my vote this year.