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penrose orange



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Super special mop attack!
penrose orange
I was messing about with FFVII. I went to the archaeological dig, asked to search for "good treasure", and was rewarded with a... mop.

No, really! A mop!

Not just any old mop. A mop with a high attack stat. Cid can equip it as a spear; it's a very good weapon for him, with a higher attack stat than a good number of the spears. Maybe it's a mythril mop.

It has no Materia slots. But hey, who would design Materia slots into a mop? "I'm fed up with mopping this spilled water up; I think I'll just cast Ultima on it". Bad plan.

So, uhm, yeah. Cid is now smacking monsters around with a mop. And very strange it looks too.