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penrose orange



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What to buy... what to buy...
penrose orange
Now I have a means of playing them, it's time to start collecting the Deep Space Nine DVD box sets.

The RRP for each Region 2 set is ~£85. ("Rip-off Britain" is alive and well). Online, some places are doing them for as low as £60. However, some import places are doing the Region 1 sets for a smidge under £70, which makes me wonder if I should get those, since I have the means to play foreign DVDs.

Pros to getting Region 1:
  • Cheaper than buying Region 2 in high-street stores;
  • Contains the show as originally broadcast in the USA; no distorsions from converting to a different TV standard (Region 2 DVDs contain the show as converted for broadcast in the UK; the conversion results in a 4% speedup and the pitch of the sound being raised by half a semitone or so);
  • Bragging rights.

  • Some online stores sell Region 2 even more cheaply;
  • Not compatible with most DVD players; I'd be locked in to buying multi-region players for ever;
  • The Region 2 box set has better packaging.